INDURE has two manufacturing facilities located very close to Delhi. It has state-of-the-art foundry, heat treatment furnaces along with water quenching facilities, CNC machine shop and fabrication facility. Our assembly & painting shops make our manufacturing facility a one-stop shop for our valued customers.

INDURE offers a wide spectrum of products and services for the power and cement industries. It has a full-fledged Spares Business Group engaged in supply of spares for ash handling plants and cement plants. Our motto is to manufacture and supply high quality products at competitive rates and shortest possible time to ensure trouble free operation of the plants.

Quality Policy

The INDURE Private Limited is committed to strive for leadership in the field of manufacturing of castings, ash handling and bulk material handling products and equipment by providing cost effective quality services to the customers in time.

This will be achieved by continuous improvement in all operations of quality management system of our organization by a well developed and motivated team of employees.



  • Single piece casting up to 3.6 Tons.
  • In house pattern shop
  • Various casting grades
  • Controlled and accurate metallurgy using spectro-analysis.
  • Heat treatment facility upto 10 Tons including water quenching
  • Ultrasonic, magna flux and hardness testing etc.


  • Varied sizes of equipment, structure, silos etc.
  • Sheet metal design including 3D design and prototype
  • CNC Plasma cutting machine
  • Capacity of 1000 MT/Month.
  • Sand and Shot Blasting for cleaning and better surface finish.


  • Collection of over 100 machine tools.
  • CNC machines like VTL, VMC, HMC, Surface grinders, plasma cutting etc.
  • Highly advanced machine tools specially adapted to process Ni-Hard, Hi-Chrome and other difficult hard alloys

In House Facilities

Pattern Shop

With an existing library of more than 3000 patterns, all manufactured in house from fine seasoned Teak Wood, Aluminium and other metals from as complex as a pump impeller to as simple as wear resistant liners. Pattern of any Shape, Material and Size manufactured in a record-time.

 Foundry with Automatic moulding Line

Capacity of 500 Tons per month, the modern foundry is equipped with two Induction Furnaces of 2-Ton capacity each. Automatic moulding line to mould at the rate of 20 Sand Moulds per hour, along with cleaning process of Shot Blasting.

Machine Shop

5000 Square metres of machine shop with a collection of over 100 machine tools including latest CNC machines like VTL, VMC, HMC, Surface Grinders, Plasma Cutting etc. specially adapted to process Ni-Hard, Hi-Chrome and other difficult alloys.

Fabrication Shop

Separately located plant on a 20 acre plot. The plant is fully equipped with Plate Bending, Press Brake and latest welding machines to work on a variety of metals including Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, work hardened steel etc. Highly skilled mechanics and welders provide quality workmanship.

Assembly Shop

A skilled workforce of Engineers and Technicians consistently assemble a variety of equipment such as Pumps, Valves, Scrapper Conveyors etc.

The workforce is trained to quickly adapt to new assemblies helping customers to develop new products in a short time.

Testing & Quality Control

A constantly upgraded and well equipped laboratory to meet all internal testing needs. All equipment are maintained in a calibrated state to ensure accurate and reliable results. Equipment available – Vacuum Emission Spectrometer, Dynamic balancing, Dye Penetration Testing, Chemical Analysis, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Vibration measurement, Optical Pyrometer, Mechanical Testing, Sand Testing, Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing, Pump Testing etc.

Casting Grades

Ductile Iron

All classes and grades of Ductile Iron with tensile strengths varying from 4218 kg/sqcm to 8436 kg/sqcm. Ductile Iron has maximum shock resistance, best combination of strength, wear resistance, and surface hardening. Various grades as per-

  • ASTM A536
  • DIN 1693
  • NF A32
  • AS 1831
  • JIS G5502
  • BS 2789

Grey Iron / Cast Iron

All grades of Grey Iron intended for general engineering use. Various grades as per-

  • ASTM A4883
  • JIS G5502
  • NF 210
  • DIN 1693

Manganese Steel Casting

Medium strength general purpose castings with good impact properties. Various grades as per-

  • IS 276
  • ASTM A128/A, 128/M-86
  • JIS G

High Chromium Corrosion – Wear Resistant Cast Iron

An excellent abrasion and corrosion resistant material under conditions of high stress abrasion (grinding), low stress abrasion (scratching), gouging abrasion, slurry erosion and atmospheric corrosion. The alloy can be annealed, machined and hardened. Various grades as per-

  • IS -4771
  • NF – A32
  • ASTM A532
  • DIN 1695

Steel Castings

Plain Carbon Steel, Ductile, Weldable & Machinable castings. Due to its high strength, it is used for pressure parts and Heavy Engineering components, hence used for components requiring high surface hardness such as Spur Gears, Rollers etc. Also suitable for castings requiring high magnetic permeability. Various Grades as per-

  • ASTM – A732536
  • BS -3100

Wear & Corrosion Resistant White Cast Iron

Ni- Hard

A metal with chrome content of 1.4% to 28%, this is a high abrasion resistant material used in Mining, Ash, Coal and Earth Handling, Power Plant, Brick Plant, Asphalt, Cement and Rock Crushing Industries. Hardness ranges from 400 to 550 BHN (after heat treatment). Various Grades such as Ni – Hard 1,2,4 etc. as per-

  • IS 4771
  • NF A32-401
  • ASTM A532
  • DIN 1695

Ni – Resist

All classes and grades of Ni-Resist with Nickel content from 13.5% to 36.5%. Ni-Resist is a high Nickel metal used to resist Acids, Caustic, and Salt Solutions. Used for Valve Guides, Insecticide and Caustic Pumps, Flood Gates, Sea Water Valves, Pump Bodies, Suction Bells & Impellers. Various grades as per-

  • ASTM A439
  • NF A32-301
  • DIN 1694

Research and Development

INDURE’s R&D is a strong technological backbone of the company. It is a unique one-stop solution provider for complete product development.

INDURE offers specialised engineering services to customers in developing complex mechanical designs and products, enabling them to reduce development time & cost significantly.

A proven track record of providing complete mechanical engineering solutions for customers in various sectors viz. thermal power, hydro power, solar power, cement, steel and mining etc.

Innovative conceptual design is the core of any successful product. R&D quickly captures, develops, and communicates design ideas directly into the digital model with Solid Works to accelerate development, decide the product’s mechanical architecture, simultaneously select the material and processes giving a real look and feel of the product.

3D solid model is created which is a critical aspect for modern product development and provides the basis for design, simulation, and manufacturing of any part and assembly across a broad range of applications and products. It eliminates design interference isuses, checks design functionality and performance (without the need for physical prototypes), automatically provides manufacturing with 3D solid models that are required when programming CNC machine tools and rapid prototyping equipment.

Structural analysis for assemblies with SolidWorks simulation enables us to efficiently analyze product behaviour under mechanical conditions taking into account the physical relationship between the parts of the equipment to ensure high quality, performance and safety. Every product is made of several components or bodies. Defining how these parts connect to each other is crucial for an accurate structural simulation during the product development process. Analysis of assemblies is a regular part of our design process, reducing the need for costly prototypes, eliminating rework, delays subsequently saving time and developments costs.

Preparation of production-ready 2D drawings that are always current and clearly communicate how the product design should be manufactured and assembled. Preparation of bill of materials, CNC Data, Maintenance Instruction Manuals, Color schemes, High quality life-like images and animations are also taken care of.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Inspection

The Quality Assurance programme encompasses the complete cycle from design to detail engineering, manufacturing installation and commissioning. A systemised procedure of “Quality Control” from raw material to finished product is rigorously maintained as per written procedure of Quality Assurance Plan.

INDURE fully recognises the need for an emphasis on quality and all its members strive achieve excellence in their designated work which has enabled it to gain recognition, reputation and regular clientele for its products.

INDURE is well equipped with testing facility to check the quality right from raw material to final inspection to monitor and control the design/required parameters at various stage of manufacturing:

  • Sand Test lab
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Hardness Tester
  • Ultrasonic Machine
  • Spectrometer
  • Metallurgical testing
  • Hydro test
  • Vacuum test
  • DP Test

Inspection at Raw Material Stage

All raw materials supplied by qualified and approved suppliers are tested to maintain the required quality parameters like

  • Ultrasonic testing is done for all shafting material above 50mm diameter
  • Shore Hardness is checked for rubber Components
  • Silica Sand is tested for moisture ,clay and grain Size
  • Pig Iron is tested for % of Carbon and Silicon
  • Ferro Chrome is tested for % of Carbon , Silicon and Chrome
  • Mould paint density is checked
  • Viscosity is checked for Hardener and Binder solvents
  • Steel is tested as per various applicable Standards

Inspection during manufacturing (In process inspection )

  • Hardness is checked for every mould
  • Spectrometer analysis for chemical Composition is done for every heat before pouring
  • Pouring temperature is checked for every heat
  • Welder qualification is checked and verified from time to time as per ASTMA Section IX
  • DP Test is carried out at root run stage of weld Joints ( Butt Joint )
  • Procedure Qualification is carried out as per Welding Procedures
  • Visual inspection is carried out at knockout stage of castings
  • All Critical dimensions are checked during process as per drawing
  • Hydraulic testing is done for volute liners of pump as per requirement
  • Dynamic Balancing is done for Pump Impellers
  • All assemblies are checked during process as per documented procedures/check list

Final Inspection

  • Hardness testing is carried out of each heat after finishing the casting
  • Hydraulic testing is done for fittings for soundness of the casting
  • Free run test / No load run test is carried out for all rotating Assemblies like Rotary Feeder , Clinker Grinder
  • Dimensions check is carried out for each assembly/ components as per drawing
  • Pump performance test is carried out at in-house pump test bed to confirm the 100% compliance with stipulated technical specifications

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