Vectra GL

Vectra XL

  • Suction Capacity: 115 to 5,200 ACFM (195 to 8,900 m3/h)
  • Vacuum Range: to 1 inHgA (to 33 mbar abs.)

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Medium Capacity, Vectra XL

NASH Vectra XL vacuum pumps are designed for rigorous, nonstop demands of harsh industrial environments including: chemical, oil & gas, food and beverage and other demanding applications such as: poultry processing, paper converting, house vacuum and vapor recovery. The Vectra XL vacuum series is manufactured to deliver optimum, reliable performance and exclusive production efficiencies specific to customer application requirements. 

Engineered for Demanding Environments

Vectra XL liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are designed for harsh, critical environments. These systems have been specifically designed to excel in applications that require discharging against a positive back pressure. Vectra XL pumps are most commonly utilized in industrial environments like chemical, oil & gas, food and beverage and other demanding applications such as poultry processing, paper converting, house vacuum and vapor recovery.   

Additional Applications Include:

• Poultry processing such as evisceration, vacuum conveying, vacuum pan margination, fryers and cookers
• Bottling
• Cookers, distillers and evaporators
• Chemical processes like reactors, evaporators, deaerators, distillation and filtration for low spec applications
• House vacuum
• Paper converting
• Pulp molding
• Vapor recovery
• Wood treatment
NASH Vectra XL vacuum pumps are manufactured above industry standards and known for their reliability. Furthermore, advanced designed technologies are employed to achieve optimum performance and production efficiencies. Vectra XL vacuum pumps are economical and provide great value to customers.

Easy to Maintain – Low Total Cost of Ownership

The Vectra XL liquid ring vacuum pump is easy to maintain with pre-engineered, trouble-free operation, and optimizes solutions. These systems support plant growth and are pre-packaged. Additional features contributing to a low cost of ownership are: 

  • Compact design – less floor space required
  • External mechanical seals – flexibility & ease of maintenance
  • Universal stuffing box – accepts variety of mechanical seals
  • Global product design – direct drive speeds for 60 Hz & 50 Hz motors
  • Extended pressure ratings – ability to handle tough applications where back pressure is required
  • Conical porting design – better ability to handle water/particulate slugs
  • Variable port design – high efficiency
  • Redesigned cone angle – reduced pump length
  • One moving part – long term reliability
  • Lobe purges – reduce erosion wear
  • NASH patented gas scavenging – increase performance at high vacuum levels
  • Optimum design using finite element analysis – improved efficiency, performance and value
  • 100% performance tested – trouble-free start-up and operation

Technological Advancements

The NASH Vectra XL liquid ring vacuum pumps are industrially advanced with patented cone design, rotor configuration, and gas scavenging.  

Improved cone angles reduce pump length. This feature contributes to the compact design requiring less floor space. Whereas rotor configuration is Nash’s conical porting design. This design allows the force of compression to counter the weight of the rotor and shaft to help minimize the load on bearings during operation. Moreover, Nash gas scavenging improves pump performance at high vacuum levels. Gas scavenging minimizes the slip of gas from discharge to the inlet. This improves capacity at deep level vacuum.


NASH Vectra XL vacuum pumps meet high combustible range standards and are ATEX approved. These vacuum pump systems are in accordance with 94/9/EG, category 1, and 2. Specifications API 681 is also available.

Equipment is tested prior to reaching the customer or end-user. This ensures top quality and avoids unforeseeable issues or operational downtime. Therefore, upholding Nash’s strong reputation as the global leader of engineered vacuum solutions and producing premier quality products efficiently and economically. 

Nash is the global leader of engineered vacuum solutions and produces premier quality products efficiently and economically. Backed by over 110 years’ experience, NASH CERTIFIEDTM  experts provide aftermarket support with maintenance, service, parts, and repair. Service centers are globally located to protect your vacuum system investment and provide quality, reliable and efficient solutions.

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