Vectra SX


  • Suction Capacity: 75 to 900 ACFM (125 to 1,500 m3/h)
  • Vacuum Range: to 1 inHgA (to 33 mbar abs.)

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Reliable Hydraulics, Proven Engineering

Based on the existing 2BE1 pump and compressor design, the 2BM1 series delivers proven performance and reliability to applications that require leak free performance.

Operates as a vacuum pump and compressor with a discharge pressure range of 36 psia (2.5 bar abs.)

Some applications require vacuum and compression in one process. Instead of handling the gas with two separate machines, our liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor models can do the job with only one pump – reducing cost and simplifying installation.

Safe Solution, No Leaks

Through a magnetic drive with static o-ring seals, the 2BM1 vacuum pump and compressor achieves non-contact torque transmission, allowing for a hermetically sealed pump body. This eliminates leaks, making the 2BM1 an ideal solution for process applications that handle toxic or explosive gases or liquid, and applications that must comply with the strictest environmental regulations. ATEX Certified pumps are available.

Minimal Wear and Maintenance

2BM pumps and compressors are completely enclosed and have no rotating shaft seals, eliminating wear and maintenance issues associated with mechanical seals. The pump’s operating fluid ensures optimum lubrication and cooling of the friction bearings and magnetic coupling, eliminating the need for grease lubrication.

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